You ever feel like what you have done and what you are doing make you truly awesome? Now is the time to start letting the world know how great you have been and how super you can be. This skill is going to be critical when trying to generate new income streams. Whether it’s through a job or a business, you have to be able to show people how awesome you can be.

Check out this great article from the Brazen Careerist that breaks down how to toot your own horn.

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You may be on the job already and you feel it is about time you get that well deserved raise in your income.  While it may seem that the harder you work the more you should be paid, this is not the reality in the corporate world.  A lot goes into making the jump from one level to the next.  

Check out this article that about mistakes to avoid when trying to get a promotion or a raise on your job.  This article is brought to you by the people at YAHOO FINANCE.

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Beyonce, Lebron James, Madonna, Bill Gates, Will Smith are all people who take their branding very serious.  They all worked hard to present a certain image that relates to their individual talents and skills. It is important that you take just as much time and put as much energy into your own personal brand.

Check out the article from and see what they have to say about building your brand.  Remember that in order to complete your financial renovation, you need to generate income.  Having a solid brand can have impact on what type of job you get and how much income you can generate.

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As discussed in an earlier post, if you are ready to make financial renovations you are going to need to make some money.  This article is going to provide you with some different tips to search for a job.  This does not only apply to people looking for work, but also to anyone who may be miserable in a current job.  It is never to late to make some adjustments and it very well may be needed in order to get your financial life in order.

This is a great article I came across at that provide different strategies for job seekers in 2014.  It is important to know the job landscape is changing rapidly and we all have to be aware and make the changes as well.

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For the month of February we will spend our time focusing on how to create income.  We strongly believe at MikenDee that in order to achieve certain financial levels, making money is going to be the number one key.  Budgeting and saving money are also keys to renovating your financial house, but nothing can build that house like having more money to work with.

So let’s go to work and make this money!

When it comes to making money there are a couple of options anyone can choose and that is getting a job or starting a business.  Each come with pros and cons, but they both can be vehicles you can use to make money in 2014.  The great thing about the time we live in is that you can operate both if you need to.  While most jobs require that you physically be present in order to get paid, a lot of new businesses can be done online which means you can pretty much run a business on a smartphone or a tablet.

We will start this month offering tips on where to look for jobs, interviewing tips, what to wear, the job mentality and how to make it work for you, and tons of other information.

Check out this awesome video from Marie Forleo about dealing with money beliefs.  Marie’s videos have been instrumental in helping us here at MikenDee reshape our financial viewpoint.  For more information visit her website

Remember our goal at MikenDee Financials is to make money simple.

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If you are being honest with yourself, 2014 may represent the worst of times for you financially.  It is time to become serious about making some changes that  will put you on a different path.  If you are like we were than be honest about some of the things you really want in life.  There is probably a better car, or bigger home, or exotic location you want to travel to. Being able to provide better financial support for your family. It doesn’t matter what it is, just be honest and accept the fact that there is something.

One of the first steps you have to make is pushing back.  There is a certain mindset you have that is causing you to make decisions that are impacting your finances in a negative way.  You have to first accept the fact that the way you have been doing it is wrong and will never get you to the place you really want to be at.  You have to push back and break down the barriers that have been keeping you stuck.

How do you push back?

If you are reading this, you are probably on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, which means you have access to tons of information through the internet.  Google personal finance and there is a ton of information on how to transform your finances.  The goal here is to start putting in place a different mindset that will help you create a plan for yourself.

Today can be one of the greatest days of your life.  It can be the day you started a new financial life.  

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-always more to come

This article is not one we are proud to see, and it is also the reason why we do this.  

People need help with finances.  Most of us need a way to handle our finances that is simple and sustainable.  Most of us think that if we could just get more money that would solve all of our problems.  This is another article that represents the fact that having more money will not always fix the situation.  

MikenDee represent a lane in the financial world for the everyday person.  A lane where the information is easy to digest and the concepts are simple to implement.  There are so many people that have this headline happening in their own life and are struggling.  

We know what it is like to face financial adversity and having to find a way to overcome.  More information will be coming from MikenDee that will assist you in getting your financials in order and provide you a support system if you don’t have one.  Any questions can be sent to


Today I read a article over at Yahoo Finance and the title of the article is “4 people who earn six figures and still feel broke.”  Immediately I had to read this and see how someone who is making over $100,000 can still be in a tough situation.

I will not go over the whole article here. What I will ask is, if someone can generate a six figure income and still feel broke, what do people who only make a less than to average income feel like?  What about all the people who are in that $10 - $20 per hour circle?

As a couple we have battled the big bad wolf of finances that are out of whack, and what we found is that while making more money can lift some burdens, bad decision making puts the same burdens right back in place.  This is why if you are like we were, you feel like a hamster on the hamster wheel constantly going in circles making little to no progress.

So with a revamped process we were able to turn our financial life around, and you can too.  If you read the article once the people got tired of feeling broke they made some changes to make a better situation.  

Always know that it is never too late to make the changes in order to have a better financial life.  Be honest with yourself about where you are, and if you don’t know how to fix it, reach out to someone to help you through the journey.

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We all just got done dealing with the holiday season which was a good time to enjoy family and friends.  What the holiday season also represents is money money money.  You were either on the side of making money or spending money.  Now that all the hoopla is done how are you starting off your 2014?

Are you sitting in a room stressed out because you spent another year spending what you really don’t have?  Are you now hoping for a tax return to make wrong things right in your financial life?  Are you now obligated to work extra hours and spend time away from your family and friends to make up for all the spending you did that you really couldn’t do?

We have been in this position before and we want you to know that it can be different.  2014 can be a complete overhaul of your financial life.  The kicker is, only if you want it to be.  If you do want to start making different decisions, you are in the right place.

MikenDee Financials represent easy concepts that people like you and I can implement to start seeing changes in our financial lives.  If you are ready to see something different in yourself, you are at the right place.  We are going to help you travel down the path to a better financial state.  Not only will we go down the path with you, we will be your biggest supporters.  YAY US!!

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